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The Pastor’s Page™

Rev. Brian Eastman was called to serve as the pastor of Beaver UCC in August of 2008. Brian received his Master of Divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School (Newton, MA). He has worked as a seminarian at Second Church of Newton UCC (Newton, MA) and as a chaplaincy intern at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital (Boston, MA). While at seminary, Brian also co-founded the Andover Newton Men’s Fellowship, worked in Theology and the Arts, traveled to China to study World Christianity, and was inducted into the Jonathan Edwards Society of Andover Newton. Prior to his calling to ministry, Brian received a Bachelor of Science degree from Guilford College (Greensboro, NC) in Physics. After college, Brian worked in Information Technology, working for academic institutions, large corporations, and dot-com startups. Other areas of ministry and theology that interest Brian are Science and Religion, Theology and the Arts, World Christianity, and serving the greater community through ecumenical work between churches. Pastor Brian currently lives in Dayton with his wife Amelia.

A visit from Pastor Brian

If you would like Pastor Brian to visit with you, or if you know someone that would enjoy a visit for any reason, please contact Pastor Brian. You may email Pastor Brian or call Pastor Brian at (937) 469-1383 at any time.

Pastor’s Office Hours

Tuesday: 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The Pastor’s Peace™

Inspirational thoughts from Pastor Brian for your reflection and consideration, published monthly during the year, available in our printed Beaver Church Chatter newsletter and on our web site.


  • January

    I remember at the end of 2019 I said many times, “Well, thank God, that year is over; 2020 has to be better.” It would make sense for me to say that, being what happened locally in 2019. We had 21 tornadoes in a day, a mass shooting, and a KKK rally in downtown Dayton, just to name a few things. It was the most challenging year I had experienced while living in Dayton. Of course, if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have said a thing. Who knew that 2020 would be so difficult? I can tell you I certainly won’t be saying that 2021 has to be better than 2020.

    That is the uncertainty of the future; however, we never know for sure what will happen in our lives locally or around the world. This means, of course, that there is always potential for hurt and heartache each and every day we wake up. That said, there is also the potential for joy and happiness. Despite the impact of the pandemic, I can say that there have been good things and blessings in my life this year. There have been blessings in the lives of others, I know as well. Uncertainty can bring challenges, but it can also bring an end to difficulties. This is, of course, where hope comes in. We hope in the end that the future brings more good than bad, and that over time the world works towards a brighter future.

    Even though we do always experience a level of uncertainty, one thing our faith teaches us is that there are constants we can hold onto. The constants of God’s love and salvation through Christ remain no matter what the future holds. This faith is something that helps me to hope, and helps me through the most difficult times. I know that no matter what, nothing can separate me from God’s love, and my faith informs me that I will be together with those whom I love that are no longer with me. No pandemic, no local tragedy, no setback in my life will change this.

    I do not know what 2021 will bring to our world; I won’t even hazard a guess. What I do know is that we will be together as a faith community with God. I know our care for one another won’t change, and I know that doing the good work of Christ will help move us closer to God’s Kingdom on earth, no matter the circumstances. So, to all of you reading this, I wish you the very best of everything in this new year, and even though we don’t know if all we hope for will happen or not, know that you do not hope alone, for we as the body of Christ, and God will always be with you.

    Peace, Blessings, and Happy New Year!
    Pastor Brian

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The Pastor's Peace Archive™

Read Pastor Brian's thoughts from past years.

The Pastor’s Sermon™

Listen to Pastor Brian's sermons, when available, recorded during Morning Worship and other special worship services.

The Pastor's Sermon Archive™

Listen to Pastor Brian’s sermons from past years.

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