The Pastor's Peace - November, 2018
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As I write this I am getting ready to head out to Denver, Colorado. For those that didn’t know I was invited to perform the wedding of Byron and Annie Kulander’s son Chris. Most everyone reading this will, of course, know Byron and Annie, but for the few who don’t, they are long-time church members that have moved to Texas to be closer to their son. Of course, everyone here misses them terribly, but we all understand that as we get older things change and we must make accommodations. I have enjoyed them both so much over the years, and they are just two examples of some of the fantastic people I have met along the way here at Beaver Church.

I recently celebrated 10 years of serving as the pastor of Beaver Church, and I guess that is one reason I am waxing poetic about the people here. There are so many I have met, so many I have married, baptized, and buried in my time here. As I reflect on the church, I would have to say that it truly is the people of the church that have inspired me over the years and made me feel as if I am doing good ministry here. Of course, the church itself is pretty, and I have grown to like Beavercreek and the Dayton area very much, but without the people, it would be nothing. In fact the word for church in Greek from the New Testament is “Ekklesia”, which actually means a people called together. Buildings and fixed locations are not required at all to have a church. Not only have I enjoyed meeting and knowing so many people over the years, but also they have all helped to form me into the person and minister I am today. How truly important our human relationships are; they are the things that make up our very beings.

Perhaps this is why Jesus focuses so much on people, individuals, and every type of person he meets along the way. He does not seem interested in things, or the institutions of this world but rather in each and every person he meets, from the Roman officer to the blind beggar. In the end Jesus teaches us that everyone truly is important, and that everyone deserves love and compassion. Part of being the church is understanding that, and opening our hearts to so many types of people all called together, and those yet to be called. For me I know that opening my heart to all of you has been one of the best gifts I have received, and I pray that the fellowship we have together has been such a gift for all of you as well.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian