The Pastor's Peace - November, 2015
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It is that time of the year again, not fall, although it is that, not Thanksgiving, although we will be looking forward to that as well, but rather it is election time. I know that everyone is very excited. If you work in advertising, you probably are excited, but for the rest us, I think it is not something we typically look forward to. You would think that many people would be glad and happy to be able to exercise their right to vote, but voting turn out numbers alone suggest that very few of us are happy in that way. Perhaps it is that we see it as yet another thing that has to be done, or perhaps we are tired of all of the rhetoric and lack of substance that accompanies all of the advertising, debates, and millions of little signs.

Of course politics and the election cycle are not the only areas of life that frustrate and disillusion us. Believe it or not some people even become fed up with the Church. I know, I know, you find that impossible to believe, but it is true. Like politics, people hear something they don’t like; people see things from the Church and Christ’s followers that seem hollow and lacking in substance. People have been hurt by the Church, and there are many more reasons folks have fallen away from it over the years. Many of these are valid reasons for frustration, but like politics it is important to remember that what is at the heart of the matter is what matters most. At the heart of the election is the fact that we as free citizens have a right to vote, to help decide our fate and the fate of our fellow citizens. No matter what some politician does or says, that right is a beautiful thing and something we should be glad to have.

Likewise the Church as a whole has done some not-sogreat things over the many centuries. There are people every day saying the worst things imaginable in “the name of Christ”, and yet this does not change what is at the heart of the Church. At its heart it is about forgiveness, love, and acceptance. It is about a humble Savior and it is about the gift given to us by God through him. Everything else is just window dressing, and often gets in the way of focusing on the central message of Christ.

So as you go to the polls this year, (yes, you should do that) keep in mind that it is about the freedom that you have, and not all of the other distractions we see around us. Likewise as you walk your path with God, know that it is a path of love; God is love. Anything else that takes you away from that is about as useful as those million little signs we will be picking up from our roads and yards over the weeks and months to come.
Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Bryan