The Pastor's Peace - November, 2012
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Recently I saw the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man”, a movie about an obscure musician from the 70s named Rodriguez. I could go into detail about what the movie is about, but then I would ruin it for you, and so I won’t. You should go see the movie; it is certainly worth your time. What I will tell you is this, the movie is about how someone’s actions or work can go places and have consequences that are completely unexpected. This is a theme that I think is important not only in this movie, but for all of us.

Recently many of our lectionary scripture readings have involved the disciples doing what they do, mainly not understanding what Jesus was trying to do. They tried to keep the children and poor people away from Jesus; they bickered about who would sit at Christ’s left or right hand. They seemed to be focused on bigger things-- important things--and those little people just kept getting in the way. They failed to see that the little people and the little things were the important parts of the ministry of Jesus. All of the people Jesus helped--all of the poor and sick and insignificant people of the world--were central to what Jesus did and central to how he would spread the Good News. Are there times in our lives when we focus too much on things that are really not as important as we think?
Are there times when we are unaware or overlook what truly matters, and fail to see the good work we might be doing in the world? Success and importance are usually defined by big events and status symbols, but what about the little events in our lives--are they important too? When you do something so simple as hugging a friend, you might very well influence the world in ways you can’t even imagine.

In the mathematical field of chaos theory, there is a popularized term called the “butterfly effect.” It states that something so simple as a butterfly flapping its wings can influence the conditions leading to a weather pattern halfway across the world. The basic idea is that in chaotic systems small changes can have big effects. I am not a mathematician by trade, but I feel somewhat confident in saying that the whole of human history could be defined as a chaotic system.

If such a thing is true, think about how all those “little” people Jesus helped contributed to where we are now. Think about how, if we live out the Gospel and just focus on the small stuff of our lives. we might impact events down the road. Never underestimate the gifts you have been given by God, never underestimate what your good works can accomplish. Through God all things are possible, and you never know, God might just be working through you right now.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian