The Pastor's Peace - October, 2015
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In September I participated in the Air Force 10K held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base along with the other running events such as the Marathon and Half-Marathon. I would say that I “ran” the 10K, but being that I walked 90% of it, that would be an overstatement. At any rate, I did complete it, which is the important thing in my mind, considering it was the first such event I have ever participated in. You see, I don’t like running at all, and I don’t even like walking faster than my natural pace. Being this is the case, one might wonder why I participated at all.

It all started many months ago when a church member came to me and asked if I would do the 10K with her. Her husband was doing the 10K as well, but he would be running it, and she was looking for someone who would be willing to walk most of it with her. Normally I would have found an excuse or some other way of extricating myself from such a laborious event, but for the church member in question I said I would do it. I think the sad pouty look she gave me perhaps had an effect, and also the agreement that we would indeed be walking and certainly not running.

The day came and all of us were there at the start line. I did a bit of stretching, once again confirmed we would be walking, and with a brisk shuffle started off on our 6.3 mile adventure. Now the course at this event, as anyone who has done it knows, is worse at the beginning. The very first thing you encounter is a big hill that seems to go on forever. We climbed and climbed, eventually getting to the top, all with the help of wellwishers, many of whom were Air Force enlisted, shouting encouragements along the way. It was one thing that I noticed right away—the amount of people helping you throughout the event. There were the people on the side of the road, but there were also the people in the race itself, helping and encouraging each other.

After we finished the 10K, and I was handed a medal for simply completing the event, it struck me how much I had actually enjoyed it. I mean I didn’t enjoy the exercise, heaven’s no, but I did enjoy the companionship.

I enjoyed the fact that for most of the people there, it was not about winning an event, but rather about all of us sharing in a common obstacle and goal, with everyone supporting each other in the process. It was not really that “I” finished the 10K, but rather that “we” finished it, together. Such an event was a reminder to me that no obstacle in life need be faced alone. We always have others who will be there for us if we look and ask, and we always have God walking with us on any path in life. This understanding, renewed in the 10K, has helped me often through the more difficult parts of life, and what a blessing it was to remember it yet again.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Bryan