The Pastor's Peace - October, 2013
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Sometimes my wife and I go walking in the cemetery not too far from our house. It is a famous one, Woodland Cemetery in Dayton. There are several well-known folks buried there like Paul Dunbar and the Wright Brothers, just to name a few. Besides all of the beautiful monuments, there are many beautiful trees as well. There are also the ducks. Yes, there is a small pond there with a group of ducks and sometimes geese that waddle around eating, squawking, and trying to look impressive. We walk around Woodland because it is a place that calms you down. Any stress that we take in with us is usually left behind when we leave. I always make jokes like “people here don’t seem to be worried about much,” to which I usually get the stare from my wife indicating she has heard that joke 272 times.

That joke, however, is also an important reminder to myself. There is often something serious tucked into jokes. We sometimes have to put things in joke form, because it is the only way to handle tough topics. This important reminder to myself is that I too will be in the ground some day, probably sooner than I would like. I, also, won’t have much to worry about then. If I know and understand that, I should perhaps spend my above-ground time enjoying myself and letting go of
what I have no control over. Perhaps I should even let go of the things I do have some control over! No matter what I do, I know my final destination will be to join the trees and ducks somewhere. The world will keep spinning, and future husbands will continue to make bad jokes, now at my expense.

As Christians we believe that there is something waiting for us beyond just earth, trees, and ducks. We believe in a resurrection, another type of existence through Jesus the Christ. We do not know exactly what that looks like, but we are confident in our faith that death is not the end. I do not know exactly what will happen when I join with God; however, I am certain I will no longer be worried about the water bill, or painting the house, or a myriad of other useless but seemingly important things in my current life. If I know my final destination will prove many things insignificant, perhaps I can get a head start and treat them that way now. God, after all, has indeed created a paradise for us in the ever-after, but perhaps here as well. Will we attempt to enjoy it, or will we overly concern ourselves with that which is not eternal? So go out, take a walk with someone you love, watch some ducks, enjoy life, and don’t be afraid to make a joke or two along the way.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian