The Pastor's Peace - October, 2012
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Amelia finally opened up her hat shop last month. This has been the culmination of so much work for her - and for me when my time allowed. As I wrote about last month, there were so many times along the way when we were discouraged, or wondered if we had made a mistake. There were people who doubted the idea and doubted us, and doubted Dayton as being a place to open a successful business. I am happy to report that the business has done very well for Amelia so far. We set what we thought was a reasonable goal on our opening night and ended up exceeding that by four times. Apparently people in Dayton really like hats.

So far Amelia’s business is doing well, and for that we are grateful, but there are plenty of people who try something that doesn’t work out, even when it is a good idea. I think about the times I have helped others who have failed at something, or when I myself have failed. I heard a speech not too long ago about this exact topic. Failure is something that we all experience in life, but something that is frowned upon in our general society. Should we, however, embrace and honor failure? The speech I heard suggested that most if not all of the people that we see as great successes in the world have failed at some point or another. In fact,

there are many venture capitalists who will not invest in people who have not failed at least once in business. Failure is necessary for us to learn and to grow, to become greater than we were before. Any great athlete learns from his successes, but often learns even more from his failures.

As Christians we are in the business of following Christ. Sometimes we are successful at it and exceed even our own expectations, and other times we fail, myself included. Time and time again we see the disciples failing to truly get what Jesus was trying to teach them, and yet he continued to work with them, and they continued to follow him. We too sometimes fail to see what Christ is doing for us in our lives, and yet Christ is still there with us, and if we continue to follow, we surely will learn more in the process. Never be afraid of failure in business, life, or faith; try to live out your life with passion and purpose.

Failure will happen, this is expected, and this is OK. Not learning from one’s failure, however, keeps us from learning how to be better, to truly be what we are called to be by God. Good luck, and God bless whatever endeavor you are working on, for whether you succeed or fail, it is to be celebrated, and in the end you will learn, grow, and Christ will be with you always.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian