The Pastor's Peace - September, 2017
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Back in July I had the privilege of playing in the Conner Puckett Classic again. For those who don’t know, this is a benefit golf outing that raises money for families with children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, like Conner. It was started by members of Beaver Church, Carl and Angie, Conner’s parents, and with help from several other Beaver church folks and many others the classic has been going for many years raising money for Conner and others. It is always great fun, and for a great cause. This year like every year we had a team of church members in the tournament and we performed about as well as most of the past church teams--dead last.

Being last is ok, especially in this case. We helped out the cause just as much as everyone else, and I think we got to have the most fun doing it, since we weren’t too concerned with winning. It was also a helpful lesson in depending on others. In a tournament like this, each player in the foursome hits a ball and then everyone hits from the best ball of the four. In such a setup we all learn to depend on each other. We had some very impressive holes, but only because each one of us contributed to it. I was certainly reminded that together we are stronger than apart. I also was reminded of another important lesson, one I mentioned earlier, and that is not to focus so much on winning.

Now winning does have its place, and we do live in a world where people compete sometimes for important things like jobs, and some do well and some do not, with rewards and consequences for both. That being said, if we only focus on competition in life, then we really miss a great deal and probably have less fun as well. Jesus saw everyone as precious, no matter his or her money, success, or place in society. In fact some of the “losers” in society at the time were some of Christ’s closest followers. You see, once they had Christ in their life all they had to do was focus on following him, and most everything else was irrelevant. In a similar way if we trust in and follow God, most everything else will fall into place. I would rather be a loser with Christ than a winner without him, any day. Success does have its place, but that place is pretty far down after many things like God, love, family, friends, kindness, hope, and joy. If we can keep that in mind, then perhaps all of us can have a better day no matter where we are on the leader board.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Brian