The Pastor's Peace - September, 2015
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Amelia and I finished watching a great miniseries recently that we got from the Internet. It was called “Egypt”, and was done a number of years ago by the BBC. It was half documentary and half drama, as it retold the stories of several explorers who helped uncover some of the long-lost secrets of ancient Egypt in the early 19th and 20th centuries. It was, of course, interesting to learn about some of these people, like the Frenchman Jean-François Champollion who in the early 19th century translated the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone and eventually developed the system by which all Egyptian hieroglyphics were read. It was also interesting to learn about Egyptian history, but beyond that it was inspirational to learn of the obstacles these explorers overcame. Each one of the people that were highlighted in the series overcame great challenges to become the scholars that we still talk about today.

Each one could have turned back or taken the easy route numerous times, but they did not. Instead, they persevered in the areas and tasks that they felt called to, and in the end accomplished amazing things. One idea to take from this is that we should not back down from a challenge in life, but another idea is that there will always be challenges, even if we are doing the right thing. Sometimes we are fooled into thinking that if we only did everything right in our lives, then things would be easy. This, however, is not true; even when we are doing great things, which it seems we were destined to do, life is still hard.

As we look at the lives of Christ and the disciples, here we see other people who did great things. They were clearly doing what they were supposed to do, what God had called them to do, and yet the world gave them obstacle after obstacle. Perhaps such a notion would get one down on life in general, but it could also be seen as uplifting. If we have struggles in our lives, it is natural, and Christ and the early disciples and all those who have followed God share in this. It is yet another way we are all connected. As far as why we have to struggle, who knows, such answers are above my pay grade as they say. I can tell you though, that a bit of struggle makes every achievement seem a bit sweeter, and certainly makes for a better story.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Bryan