The Pastor's Peace - September, 2014
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I will be heading out in awhile for my last bit of summer vacation, and so this Pastor’s Peace is getting written early. As I write, it is still early August, and it is still cold. Yes, that is not a misprint for those reading this outside of the state of Ohio. It’s cold here, well at least for August. The forecast shows a low of 51 degrees tonight, and I am thinking about what plants I should bring in, in August! It will be getting a bit warmer next week according to forecasts, but for now it is quite an odd and out-of-place season indeed. Can you imagine this happening many centuries ago without the ability to forecast the weather, or know the exact time of year? Everyone would be panicking, thinking that winter was coming and there was not nearly enough food or other things prepared. I’m sure there would be at least one wise old person in the village that would tell people of similar oddities decades ago, suggesting normality would come back, but people would likely still panic, suggesting that he just didn’t understand the gravity of the situation.

That is quite the elaborate scenario I concocted, and perhaps you have guessed that I am getting at something more that just an unseasonably cold summer. You see, there are many times in our lives when we feel out of sorts, or fear that the world around us is just not right. Perhaps we are even correct in that assessment, having suffered a loss or significant setback. The thing about times of depression or fear, however, is that we tend to panic and think
that this is a permanent change to our life. We fear that we will never be the same again, or that things won’t improve. There is probably some wise old person in our life even, telling us that this too shall pass and that a brighter day will be in our future, but we are often dismissive of folks like that, suggesting that they don’t get it. Once there is a significant change from the norm in our life, it is sometimes impossible to believe that our lives will be righted again.

When I experience times like these, yes, they do happen, I try to focus on the constant of God in my life, and the saving nature of Christ. No matter what happens, no matter how different things get, God never changes. God’s love never changes, God’s connection to me never changes, and God’s path for me in life never changes. Furthermore, Christ is always present with me during any challenge, and Christ is continually trying to save and lift me from any abyss I might have fallen into.

Now these things are often easier to talk about than to believe in during our times of need; however, that is the power of faith and hope. We hope for what is not yet seen. I might not be that wise, and I’m not that old, even though people think I am, but I have seen enough people lifted out of bad situations to have hope for the future. If you find yourself in such an odd and out-of-sorts place, have such hope as well, you are not alone, and a new season is before us all, no matter the time or state of our life.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Brian