The Pastor's Peace - September, 2012
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As many of you know, Amelia, my wife, is opening up a hat store downtown. This past week I took a “vacation,” and helped her get the shop ready. My stepfather and mother were kind enough to come to town to assist with the renovation as well. We accomplished all sorts of things, including painting the entire building and finishing most of the construction inside. There are still a significant number of things to do, but we have made tremendous progress, and I could not have done it without the help of my family and friends.

Even though we accomplished so much, there were still many moments this week when I wondered if we could accomplish what we had set out to do that day or even if we would get done what was needed before the opening. There were frustrating moments, such as when we realized that the lift had a problem and was stuck for a good couple of hours, or discovered that the “minor leaks” in our roof were really a bigger issue than we thought. Each time something like that would happen, I would have doubts about whether this had been a good idea, and if we could really get this project done.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have
tried to restore a 160-year-old building, but I’m sure all of you have had these types of doubts before in your life. There are always times when we face challenges and doubt our ability to make it through them. For me, each time I would doubt, I would try to have faith that it would get done some way, some how. I did not know how it would happen, but I would try to give up the idea that I could predict the future, and would try to have faith that what needed to get done, would be.

Our faith as Christians often works the same way. We do not always directly see God in our lives, or the path God is taking us. We can believe in the idea that we know everything, or we can give up on that notion and have faith in God.

Handing ourselves over to God like that can be difficult, especially when it seems like there are no guarantees. Faith requires us not to be in control, but in reality we were never in control in the first place. Faith understands and takes solace in the fact that although we are not in complete control of our lives, God is always there with us and helps us along the way. The world does not always seem bright, but rejoice in the fact that you are never alone in it. Have faith.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian