The Pastor's Peace - August, 2015
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As we move into the final month of summer, I hope you have been experiencing the season of summer to its fullest. We certainly have had some more typical summer weather recently with highs in the 90s and those strong summer storms. Perhaps the hot weather is why the summer is typically the time people decide to get away or at least to slow down. Who can do a bunch of stuff when it is so hot anyway? In France most folks usually take the entire month of August off-- sounds good to me! Heat aside, I think that slowing down and enjoying life a bit more during the summer or any other season is a good practice. We need to take some time to regenerate every now and again; the Bible calls that “Sabbath.”

In July we tried something new for the first time, and that was Luau Sunday. We wore Hawaiian shirts to church, handed out leis, sang some hymns with Hawaiian verses, and had a whole roasted pig and carry-in afterwards. We ended up with 96 people in church that Sunday, probably a July record. I will be honest and say that the roasted pig probably had a little to do with it, but in general I think people were excited that we were letting our hair down and relaxing a bit more than usual. That Sunday I preached about that Sabbath thing, stating that a bit of rest now and again in not only good for you, but mandated by God.

We know in the Old Testament that God rested on the 7th day and marked it as a holy day or rest for all. As Christians most of us generally celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday, because of the Resurrection of Christ on that day. We do understand that it is a day for us to recognize and to worship God in our life. We generally gather for worship at churches and to offer our praise. This is all well and good, and should be part of the Sabbath, but sometimes we forget the resting part. God has commanded us to take a break now and then, not only to honor God, but because it is good for us, and good for our relationships with others. Obviously the patterns of everyone’s life differ a bit, and when you can rest is different from everyone else; however, I would stress the importance of prioritizing rest in your life some way. Keep all this in mind as we enter August. If you find yourself on one of those hot days thinking that it is just too hot to do much of anything, maybe it is! Perhaps God is telling you and all of us that it is a good day for a break. Have some rest this month, and in doing so remember to honor your relationship with God and with those around you.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian