The Pastor's Peace - July, 2017
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About a month ago my mother-in-law came to visit to help my wife and me work on the outside space at our house. For those who have been to my house you will know that we have several small patios and several planter beds. The person who owned the house before us, 10 years ago, was an avid gardener and so we inherited a nice selection of plants and landscaping. For several years we did a good job of keeping up with things and making improvements. However, when my wife opened her business 5 years ago, things started to fall by the wayside with the garden.

We tried to keep up with it, and we made several improvements. I redid the back patio 2 years ago. But, despite our efforts, we never put in quite enough time. Weeds would get thicker. Certain plants would take over (oh, how I hate fall clematis) and the general shape of our yard got worse and worse. I had a giant pile of dirt that was left over from redoing the patio that sat there for 2 years. Eventually we decided that we needed to do something about it. With my mother-in-law’s help we spent 3 whole days working, weeding, planting, mulching, moving dirt, and after it was all done it looked better than it ever had. I was inspired and over the next several weekends made several other improvements that have truly made our outdoor space beautiful and enjoyable. I am glad we put the time in, and we are motivated now more than ever to stay on top of things and keep the garden looking great.

Christ in his ministry focused on several things, but one thing in particular he talked about was how we treat others, and how relationships are important, not only our relationships with each other, but our relationship with God as well. These relationships stay healthy and mature and deepen through time, given respect and love. In many ways relationships are like gardens. If we don’t take the time to care for them and have the love and dedication to tend to them, they turn into something less than what we want, and don’t give us much in return.

One thing I realized about our garden is that even though it seemed pretty far gone, it really didn’t take that much work in the grand scheme of things to totally transform it and make it vibrant and beautiful again. Sometimes there are relationships in our life that we think are far gone, but we might be surprised what some love and effort can do. God and God’s love are all about growth and transformation. As you tend to your outdoor areas this summer, keep that in mind. Perhaps there are some other areas in your life that could benefit from some time, attention, and love.
Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Brian