The Pastor's Peace - June, 2016
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As I write this, I am working on finishing all of the things I need to do at the church before I can go on my sabbatical. There are many mundane things to attend to and so many things that I just took care of and did not even think about, like replacing the pew envelopes. It seems like a mad rush at this point, all culminating in our grand Luau Sunday on June 5th, where we will have a great deal of fun and a roasted pig to share; did I mention the roasted pig? My last Sunday at the church will at least stuff me to the gills with food. I am sure there are things that I will forget, and things I never even thought of, but all will be well. The church will continue to worship the Lord, ample pew envelopes or not, and I will be back in three months, which will probably go faster for all of us than we realize.

As I come to the end of things before the sabbatical, I have had a song come to mind now and again. I will be saying goodbye to the church on June 6th for just a little while, and I keep hearing “Happy Trails to You” in my head when I think of that moment. Now you might wonder why that song would be going through “my” head being that I am certainly way too young to remember Roy Rogers, or even know who he was for that matter. My father, however, was born in 1947 and was about 5 years old when the Roy Rogers show first aired. Whenever there was some goodbye involved, I can remember him singing that song, and later in life finally learned where it was from. For those of you reading this who were born in the 70s like me, go ask your parents, and they will fill you in.

What I like about the song is the last part of the opening line: ‘Happy Trails to you, “until we meet again.” ‘ Not only are we wished a good journey, but there is an acknowledgement that this will not be the end of our journey together. In many ways this relates to our relationship to Christ and each other. When Christ ascended into heaven he promised the disciples that this would not be the last time they would see him. They were in fact forever connected to him. We ourselves are connected to Christ and each other. No matter what happens in life, even death itself, we will see each other again. Knowing that makes the journey of life a bit happier; knowing that I have Beaver church to come back to will make the journey of my sabbatical all the better as well. Thank you for that, Beaver church, and may your journey while I am gone be a good one as well.

Happy Trails, Pastor Brian

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