The Pastor's Peace - June, 2013
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Summer is here, or will be at any rate. Memorial Day marked the unofficial start to summer, with an official start of June 21st. I’m sure people are planning trips and vacations. Children are looking forward to a break from school, and pretty soon we will all be complaining about how hot it is, even though we promised not to complain about such things several months ago. I hope you have some fun things planned for the summer, and at the very least have an opportunity to relax a bit.

Spring has been an interesting one in comparison to last year. We have had ups and downs, plenty of rain, and those that failed to follow the rule of not planting starts before Mother’s Day, had several chilly nights to worry about. Often I heard some, including myself, complaining about it. Folks would talk about how nice and warm it was last spring, saying “I can’t believe that we have to turn our heat on again”. Many weekend plans were interrupted by downpours and one was never quite sure what the next day would bring. My wife reminded me, however, that this is what spring is. How funny it is that we forget sometimes that transitioning from one thing to another is a complex process having many ups and downs.

In life as in our seasons we can get accustomed to things, or fail to see how fortunate we are. We are surprised or shocked when life throws challenges in our path, or our transition from one stage of life to another is not as smooth as we had hoped. We should remember that this is not unusual, but rather part of life. It is not possible to have a life and not experience ups and downs. We saw this in Christ’s ministry, his death and resurrection, and in the history of the church starting in Acts and moving through today. Now understating that challenges and difficulties are normal does not make them go away, but perhaps it can give us some comfort and hope. If so many others have made it through their seasons, perhaps we will as well. Regardless of what change or challenge you are currently dealing with, and I’m sure everyone is, know that it is normal, and that God is with you. Our lives will always have cold nights and stormy days, but eventually we can relax by the pool and enjoy the blessing God has created for us.

Peace and a Blessed Summer,
Pastor Brian