The Pastor's Peace - May, 2015
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In May we will be showing a three-part series that looks at the work we do and how one might think of that as their calling from God. Often when we hear that term we are more likely to think of someone who is in the ministry. We are used to hearing about people being called to the ministry; however, are people called to other lines of work as well? Could someone be called by God to be a baker? Could someone be called by God to be a realtor? Could someone be called by God to be a used car salesman? Some of these called professions might seem more far-fetched than others, but I happen to believe that any profession or work we do in the world can be a calling.

For myself, I did feel called to the ministry, but that was not a loud-voice-in-the-sky kind of calling. It was rather a slow nudging into the ministry such that eventually I truly felt it is what I wanted to do with my life. I think such nudging is pretty common, actually, for many professions. We might try one thing or another, but then we hope to find something that we like well enough to pour ourselves into it. Sure, work is about bringing home a paycheck and providing for yourself and others, but ideally it can be more than just that. Ideally, work can be a way in which we create something of worth in the world. We can use our labor to improve things around us for both the greater community and ourselves. Even a used car salesman could achieve this if he helped people find cars that truly suited the customer’s needs in a fair and honest way.

Two things I think are important to work as a calling are integrity and working for something beyond yourself. Obviously these qualities should apply to the ministry, but really they should apply to any profession. If the work we do is not honest, then it is not benefiting the world, at least not as much as it could. If we work only for ourselves and not for what that work does for others or for the art of our profession, then we will be limited in what we achieve and in its importance to the world. Any task, from digging a ditch to the President, has the ability to impact others and to make a difference in the world. If we also see our work as somehow connected to the work of God, then we might find a deeper purpose to our work and life. So as we all look to tomorrow and how we will spend the hours of our days, think about how those hours might impact others, and know that God is with us each and every second of every day. With God as a work partner, who knows what we might achieve with our labor.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian