The Pastor's Peace - May, 2014
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Well, Easter is over right? Now what? The eggs have been found, the chocolate has been eaten, the lilies have lost their scent and we probably won’t have 150 people per Sunday, but that last thought would be nice. We have spent all this time in Lent thinking about our relationship to God, we have journeyed with Christ through Holy Week, experienced the tragedy of Good Friday, and celebrated with alleluias the miracle of Easter and the Resurrection. Do we now just go back to “Ordinary Time?” That is actually a period of the church calendar by the way. It turns out that Easter Sunday is not an end, but just a beginning. We have 7 Sundays in Easter starting with Easter Sunday and going all the way through until the beginning of June. Christ has risen indeed!

Although I am not expecting 150 people for the next 6 Sundays, although it again would be nice, I hope that people are able to keep the Easter spirit through the entirety of the Easter season, and even beyond that. My sermon on Easter Sunday was about God’s ability to triumph over tragedy in our lives. This is not just a one Sunday or even a 7 Sunday sort of thing, but rather it is a rest of our lives sort of message. I had a professor in seminary tell me a story once about when she was talking to a group of PhD students, and one had said they would be
so glad to be “done” with their PhD. The professor responded, “Done, you won’t be done; a PhD is a beginning, not an end.”

Sometimes I think we see Easter or any big event in our faith life as an end. Perhaps it is an end to a time of prayer, or an answered prayer, or an end of suffering. Whatever the meaningful interaction we have with God, such contact should be seen as the start of something new, and not just the end of a period of time or request. It is my hope that when the Spirit of God touches you, it inspires you into new directions, it encourages you to share your faith, and that makes you hunger for an even deeper relationship with our savior Christ Jesus. The Resurrection of Christ put an end to death and the power of sin, but it was a beginning of so much more. It led to the Church we have today, the Body of Christ with billions of believers.

It led to so many instances of miracles and important journeys of faith. It led to us all gathering in a little church in Beavercreek, and it led to the love of God we all share. My prayer this Easter season, and every season of our lives, is that the Resurrection is always leading us forward to new places and to a new understanding of God and God’s Kingdom forever more. Christ has risen indeed; now go forth!

Peace, Blessings, and Alleluia,

Pastor Brian