The Pastor's Peace - April, 2015
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In spite of the snow we just had, spring and Easter are around the corner, I promise. I’m, however, not quite sure we will be able to have an outdoor Easter egg hunt; perhaps jackets will be required. Despite the last hanging on of winter, we do know that eventually it will get warmer, greener, and more pleasant outside. This is a season of transformation, as is the season of Easter. Jesus does more than simply come back to the living being he was before the cross, he becomes something completely new through the Resurrection.

In our recent book study we talked a bit about life after death and what that would look like. Biblically there are actually several competing descriptions, and in modern times we tend to have a more Greek-influenced idea of the separation of the body and soul, as opposed to the more traditional Christian view of a resurrection of the body. Regardless of your view of any of the biblical or historical views, one thing we can say for certain is that our faith teaches us that death is not the end.

When Paul is questioned about what bodily resurrection looks like exactly, he sort of dodges the question, suggests that it is a mystery, he does not know for sure, and we should just wait and find out for ourselves. This is one of many reasons I don’t give a definitive answer to such questions, because if Paul didn’t know for sure, who am I to say otherwise. One thing Paul did stress is the idea of the transformation that our death and resurrection would produce. He compared it to the simple seed of a tree that grows into something larger, more beautiful, and grander than we would ever expect from a simple seed. We, too, when we pass and come into the next life whatever that is, will likely be something beyond our understanding.

Sometimes not knowing what the future holds brings us anxiety. If I can’t tell someone for sure what has happened to his or her loved one who passed, what good am I? Although I can’t say exactly what happens, I will borrow from Paul and suggest that we all continue on and are something new and better than we were before. Like the current season, even though the cold sting of death lingers and weighs heavy on our hearts, I have faith and know that we will all be in a place that is warmed by God’s love, full of new life, and more pleasant and peaceful than we could imagine. Christ has risen indeed, and we share fully in this new existence. Hallelujah, and happy Easter!

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian