The Pastor's Peace - April, 2014
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Well, what are the chances that we will have an outdoor Easter egg hunt this year? Normally with Easter being this late in April, I would assume outdoor for sure, but this is no ordinary year. With our luck it might snow on Easter, although the colored Easter eggs would at least be easy to find. Even though we think this winter will never end, it will end at some point, and probably sooner than we think. We will have an ending of one season and the beginning of another.

The concepts of ends and beginnings are fitting for our season of Easter. We, of course, will think about the Resurrection during Easter, and this is the ultimate of new beginnings, but we will also remember the death of Jesus. This is an important end that we remember each year as well. Sometimes we are so focused on the new beginnings that we forget the ends that lead to them. Now you might think that I am a bit morbid or crazy to focus on Jesus' death, but it is something we should not forget or overlook. In fact, not only do we remember it every Good Friday, but also every time we baptize a cute baby here at church.

When Jesus died he took with him our sin, our mortality, our distance from God and transformed it through the Resurrection into forgiveness, eternal life, and a new
covenant and connection to God that cannot be broken. In remembering our new life in Christ we should not forget the old life we leave behind, lest we forget what is so wonderful about our new life in Christ. Each time we celebrate baptism we have a ritual that represents a death and a rebirth into a new life. We are born again as the passage from the Gospel of John reminds us. In doing so we lay to rest the things that separated us from our God.

During the rest of Lent we should be thinking about those things that linger in our life and separate us from what God has called us to do. The things that keep us from fully embracing God’s love should be ended, put to death, in as much as we can. This end is necessary so that we can have a new beginning in Christ. Like the seasons of weather, Lent and Easter are not one-time events but seasons of our lives that repeat each year. Every time we experience them it is another opportunity to end some things in our life and bring into existence a new life in Christ. How will you celebrate the Resurrection this year, what new part of your life will you look for, and what will you look to end? Just like this winter, there are things about ourselves that we might think will never change, but the power of Christ is greater than we know. Have faith that a new Spring is right around the corner.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Brian