The Pastor's Peace - March, 2018
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I have been watching a TV series recently, and am pretty addicted to it. It is called “The Librarians” and I have been watching old episodes on Hulu, especially while Amelia is away on business. She won’t mind, however, because it isn’t really her type of show. The show is, to be honest, silly and fairly predictable. It would be fair to say that it is very “campy”. The premise is that magic exists in the world and that a group of adventurers go around trying to save people from evil and powerful things, in the process retrieving artifacts and keeping them in their magical library. As I said, it is silly and filled with corny jokes, but that is what I like about it.

It seems the world is so serious all the time. There’s not a minute that goes by on the 24-hour cable news channels without some massive news alert that 99.9% of the time is bad. I don’t know if the world is really as bad as these news channels make it out to be, but it seems like things are always so very serious at a minimum. I guess that’s why I like the silly Librarians show. There is so much seriousness in the world around me, so much even in my job as a minister, that when I relax, I just want to see something comical and predictable. I want some simple joy in the midst of all of those serious news alerts.

I bring up all this serious stuff, because in February we entered into Lent and will continue in Lent through March. Lent is generally considered a time for seriousness. We are to think about the ways that we have fallen away from God and through repentance reorient ourselves towards God. It usually is not a time in the church when we think about silliness or corny jokes. I ask, however, why not? Yes, there are many serious things going on around us, and there are probably even some serious things we have done that we should think about during the time of Lent, but ultimately the season is about reconnecting with God, and that is a joyous thing.

Although we usually don’t crack a smile and laugh when we hear the word repentance, maybe we should. Leaving behind all that is weighing us down and drawing closer to God is about the most joyous thing we can do.

Lent is not about feeling bad about ourselves because we have let someone else or ourselves down, rather it is about knowing that despite our actions we can seek forgiveness and with genuine repentance lead a new life in the path of God. Now that’s a big news alert if I ever heard one, and quite the positive one for a change. So this Lent do not be focused so much on the sadness of the world, but rather have joy in your heart that any life can be turned around and saved by Christ.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Brian