The Pastor's Peace - February, 2017
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This February I will be going to some trade shows again with my wife for her business. We will hit up some of the regular shows, but this time we are going to be spending some time in Los Angles so that she can visit with some of her business’ vendors. We will be renting a car and spending a couple of days in Venice Beach. I don’t know much about LA, but I have a hunch that the weather will be better there than Dayton in February. Although, with this crazy winter, who knows? As I said, I don’t know much about LA or California, or the West Coast for that matter. I am a bit nervous as well. I have driven in some pretty big cities, but it has been awhile and LA has some of the worst traffic in the country, or so I have been told. I guess I am excited about this trip, but like anything else, it is a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

So often new things in life, marriage, moving, buying a new home, or having a child, are mixtures of emotion. We have so much to be exited about and look forward to, but at the same time there are new concerns that come with that. Will I be able to properly take care of that new home or child? How will being married really feel, and how will I be as a spouse? Change is both great and sometimes scary. It was well described to me one time when someone said that change is like a flying trapeze artist. Once you get to the next bar you are fine, but that moment when you are just about to let go and fly through the air seems quite scary. Perhaps sometimes this fear can keep us from making the changes that are necessary in life. We are always holding on to that first bar, afraid to let go and reach for that thing we really want in our life.

How scary must it have been for the disciples? Sure, Jesus was so wonderful and amazing, but they literally just gave up everything to follow him. Perhaps that is why they sometimes did not quite get it, or wanted more signs. Christ, his ministry, and his death and resurrection was a pretty big trapeze act. The thing that got them through, however, was faith. That is ultimately what allows us to let go, face the abyss, and reach for something new, faith. God is always with us in every phase of the act that is our life. God is encouraging us to reach for beautiful and wonderful things in our life and is there for us in the gaps in-between. God will get me through that LA traffic and get me to the beach, of that I have faith. God will also be with you, no matter the journey.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Brian