The Pastor's Peace - January, 2017
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I saw a post on Facebook the other day that read “How I feel about 2016,” and it had a video from a comedy movie with a guy falling down a hill for what seems like an impossible amount of time. Indeed several people I know feel this way about this past year. There have been many losses, illnesses, difficulties, and disappointments. All of this has added up to a point where people are saying, “I have had enough.” Life certainly feels that way sometimes and it is important to keep a bit of hope in your life when it feels that way. I could go on about how there have also been many good things occur in the past year: births, celebrations, blessings, and new experiences. However, when the scale seems to be tipping more towards the difficult side of things, it is hard to remember all of that, and we tend to focus on what is not going well in our lives. Again, it is important to keep a bit of hope in your life.

Hope is a funny thing; it does not seem like much. We hope for things that have not even happened yet— they don’t even exist—yet hope is a powerful thing. We work to bring into being through our faith things we look forward to, or perhaps a change that can make things tolerable. In having faith in that new future we help form it each and every day. We also work with others who share in our hope so we do not do that work alone. So often it feels like we cannot do what needs to be done by ourselves, and perhaps we cannot, but that is why we work and hope with others. By ourselves we are susceptible to many things, but with each other, and with a faith in God, we have a strength that is beyond just ourselves.

I do not know what you hope for in this New Year (I certainly have a list already) but whatever it is, hope deeply and work to make that change in the world you seek. Work with others who share in that hope, people who care for you, and people for whom you care. Together as the body of Christ, we can make a difference; we can make a change in our world. Not only will we do this together, but also we do it with God as our guide. May we look beyond whatever sadness or difficulty is weighing on us from the past and look towards the new creation that is breaking forth before us. That is my prayer this coming year for myself and for Beaver Church. Together I know we can indeed make it a “Happy” New Year for ourselves and each other.

Peace & Happy New Year,
Pastor Brian