The Pastor's Peace - January, 2009
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Advent is over and Christmas has come, alleluia. We have yet again celebrated the birth of our Savior, the great light that has come into our world. So how was your Christmas this year? Was it full of good times with family and friends? I am sure most of you are still recovering from large meals and visiting relatives. For some, however, this holiday was not a happy time. Many of us had mixed feelings during the Christmas season. There was some joy, but also sadness for those who are no longer with us, or for a Christmas that did not meet our expectations. Many this year likely had less under the tree than the year before.

This mixture of joy and sadness is to be expected. We must remember that the season leading up to Christmas, Advent, was one of longing for change and longing to be freed from all that binds us. Jesus was the light that came into the darkness, and although Jesus was that light, there was also the darkness that cannot be ignored. We are saved in Christ and have grace given freely by God, but this does not mean that every difficulty and dark area of our life goes away instantly.
Accepting God's grace is often a process that can take time. Even Jesus the son of God was accepted by the world over time and not instantly. This is part of human nature, but the good news is that freedom is there if we want it.

Christmas and our salvation is sometimes like opening a present where we instantly have what we long to be, but more often it is like decorating the Christmas tree. It is a process where little bits get added day by day, and over a period of time we become the fully decorated tree, the beautiful artwork of God's creation. Sometime a light bulb might go out, or an ornament might fall off, but we strive to be better none the less. So as we continue into this new year, as we move on from the Christmas season, let us remember that the incarnation of God was not just a one day event. The spirit of Christmas is something that we must hold onto for the whole year and our entire lives. The light has finally come, but how will you use it? I hope you use it to step into what God has called you to do. I hope you use it to share and spread the love of God. I hope you use it to overcome the darkness of the world. Let us hope together this new year, and look for a beauty that is not yet seen but possible together in Christ.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian