The Pastor's Peace - November, 2008
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As if you needed someone to tell you, election season is upon us here in the "swing" state of Ohio. We have seen more ads than we can probably count, and if you put all of the campaign signs end to end, I wonder if they would reach the moon. Politics is a big deal; it was a big deal in the time of Jesus and it is still a big deal today. History books are full of all of the various intrigues and happenings of the Roman Empire, and I'm sure someday people will look back at this period of political history to try to gain a lesson or two.

As important as this political season might seem with all of the advertising and predictions of total gloom, doom, prosperity, and abundance, we must keep things in perspective. Rome was in total control in the time of Jesus and no one questioned the everlasting presence of that Empire, and yet it passed away only to be read about. Every empire and country will fall or change or become something completely different eventually. In just a little more than 200 years, our county is something just a bit different than when we started. There is nothing wrong with this; it is just the inevitability of time.
Regardless of what might happen with the future of our country and political system, one thing has remained constant. One thing has been present from the time of Jesus until now, and in fact has been present for all of human history. That thing is God. God the mighty "I AM" has and always will be with us. The ways we worship God might change, but God does not, and the fact that we are God's children has and will always be true.

With this in mind as the political season comes to an end, we must remember that whoever wins or loses, whoever sits in the seats of power in our country, these things are only temporary and fleeting. They are not even a breath's worth of time in God's eyes. So let us therefore come together as a nation and, more importantly, as a Church, no matter who wins or what the outcome is. There might be several political parties in the United States, but there is only one family of God. I pray that all of us and the entire nation remembers this and is unified in this. Only together can we deal with the greater problems of our country and our world. Only together can we help to usher in God's Kingdom in all its great glory.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian