The Pastor's Peace - October, 2008
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The end of summer this year will likely stick with us for many years to come. As we enter the fall season we are still cleaning up from Hurricane Ike, and are still trying to clean up Wall Street as well. Both at home and across the nation most are feeling some pain or difficulty. As we watch the leaves fall from the trees, some of us will wonder how we will fare through the winter. Will we make it to spring?

I wonder how the disciples must have felt almost 2000 years ago around this time in their final year with Christ. John the Baptist would have already been killed. Perhaps this was also when Jesus started to talk about his own death in passages such as Matthew 20:17-19 and Mark 10:32-34. With only about 6 months left before the crucifixion, rumors must have been swirling about people in power being against the ministry of Jesus.
I am sure that some of the disciples questioned what the next year would bring. I am sure that some worried about the future. It, in fact, would only get worse for them; events would unfold that would lead to the capture, trial, and death of Jesus. As you know, however, the story did not end there. The glory of Christ's resurrection was beyond the disciples' wildest dreams, and the event motivated them to create the church and spread the Word.

I do not know what will come of this season in our lives, our country, and our world. What I do know, however, is that our faith teaches us that great things can come from even the darkest of hours. As Paul stated, "We hope for what is not yet seen." I hope that out of any current difficulties will come new and exciting possibilities for all in this congregation and all in our world. Let us therefore have hope together and look not towards winter but rather to spring, in whatever form that might take.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian