The Pastor's Peace - June, 2012
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This month we will be having a graduation party for our recent graduates here at Beaver church. This year our church will have 3 college graduates and 1 high school graduate that I know of, and I am sure I am forgetting someone. There are also so many people related to church members and friends who will be graduating. May and June are big months that denote a passing of one phase of life to another. It is such an achievement to finish any degree, from high school to a doctorate. These recent graduates deserve our honor and praise.

I remember when a favorite professor of mine in seminary was talking to some of us who were getting ready to graduate. She told us about getting ready to finish her PhD, and telling her advisor about how happy she was finally to be done. Her advisor told her , “Done, you are not done, you are just beginning.” His point to her, and her point to us, was that a
degree was only the beginning of the next phase of our life, the phase in which we get to use that knowledge to better the world and the people we contact. You see, a degree is not merely an accomplishment, but it is also a responsibility.

This is not too different from what it is to be a Christian. When someone decides to follow Christ, it is more than just a personal experience. We are saved in Christ and share in Christ’s abundant life, but also share in Christ’s mission to further bring the Kingdom of God into the world. We have a responsibility as Christians to love as Christ did, teach as Christ did, forgive as Christ did, and share the Good News as Christ did. Regardless of how your life with Christ began, it is an accomplishment, but more importantly it is a responsibility. As that advisor would say, “Done, we are not done, we are just beginning.” Congratulations, 2012 graduates, may you use your degrees with responsibility, integrity, and God’s love in your heart.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian