The Pastor's Peace - June, 2009
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Summer is finally here. Gone are the days when we need to worry about frost or snow. We no longer will rack up big heating bills and we won’t have to shovel out our driveways. We will have to mow the grass and turn on the AC, but that seems like a pretty good trade. Hopefully some of us will take some vacation time and some interesting trips. I look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of your great adventures.

At some point over the summer, I myself am planning a trip to Lake Erie to cure my coastal blues. You see, being a mainly coastal person, Ohio is the first state I have lived in that did not have an ocean coast; I have really missed being close to the ocean. Recently, however, I watched a TV program about the Great Lakes and thought to myself “that looks enough like an ocean to me.” I am hoping there is some small town nearby where it’s fun to just relax. I am sure that all of you can give me some suggestions. My new love for Lake Erie also reminded me of a very important lesson. Often in life we miss
something or long for something. God usually fills our needs, but not always in the way we might think. Another way to put it is that you should be careful what you wish for, because God just might give it to you. We never know how our lives will turn out and where God will send us. Although I am still young and have much to learn, one piece of advice I would give is not to fight where God is sending you.

We often get caught up in expectations, and become disappointed when we don’t get what we want, but that’s life; sometimes you have to settle for what you have. As the Rolling Stones song goes, “You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.” Honestly, I have found that God does work in mysterious ways, and each time one door closes, another one opens. It might not be the one you wanted to go into, but it’s there. You never know where it might lead, maybe it’s to a new career, perhaps it’s to a new love, or maybe it’s to a nice quiet coastal town somewhere between Toledo and Cleveland.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian