The Pastor's Peace - April, 2012
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Believe it or not there are actually some good things going on right now. I know there are always tragedies, but recently it seems as if the whole world is steeped in tragedy. Just looking over the last year, worldwide and locally we have had earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, famines, tornadoes, economic downturns, political stalemates, and high gas prices, just to name a few. It is hard sometimes to see the light in all this darkness. You might just want to lock your door, close your blinds and call it a day. But as I said, there are some good things going on right now.

Besides the good things going on here or there, we have some good things going on in people’s lives. I noticed this past Sunday that there were twice as many “joys” as there were “concerns” during our prayer time. We have had a beautiful and early spring. I read an article about how small business loans are up in the Miami Valley, and that economically the region is in an upswing. I even read today that gas prices might go down in the summer. These might seem like small things, but just like the small shoots of flowers that are popping up from the ground right now, these small things can flower into true joys.
This was also what the disciples experienced in Easter. They had all of the terrible sorrows of watching Jesus being taken away and imprisoned. Betrayed by one of their very own. They had to see Jesus being tortured and put to death. They had to bury him, and to add insult to injury, they even thought someone had stolen his body. Then things started to change. One person saw Jesus, then another, and another, until they came to see that Christ had risen from the dead. They witnessed Jesus ascending into heaven, and then received the Holy Spirit. The work that they did afterward, preaching the gospel and starting churches, might have seemed small at the time, but it grew into the church we have today, and a faith that has changed the world.

Is there some little good thing happening in your life now, some small shoot of God’s grace and love coming into your life? The Easter season is a time to focus less on all of the difficulties, and look for the ways in which Christ is manifesting in our lives. Try to listen, try to look for it. Whatever direction God is moving you, even in small ways, might eventually grow into something profound for your life and for those around you. Let us all grow in God and grow in our love together.

Peace and Happy Easter,

Pastor Brian