The Pastor's Peace - April, 2009
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Have you noticed the bits of green popping up from the ground? Have you noticed the increasing chirping of birds? Have you noticed a decrease in your latest heating bill? Have you noticed people are actually wearing shorts? There are many ways to notice the season we are in. Spring is perhaps one of the most dramatic changes to our environment that we encounter on a yearly basis. After months of cold, months of staying inside, months of seeing little alive, we see all of this new abundance. One way we notice spring in the Christian church is Easter, of course.

How fitting to have our holiest of days occur during this season! We have just been through the season of Lent; we will soon celebrate Palm Sunday and remember the death of Christ on Good Friday. This season of spiritual repentance and death leads to one of great celebration. On Easter we celebrate the greatest of God's miracles, triumph over death itself. We take that time to remember all that we are given by God and to celebrate it in every way we can. This is the day in which we say "Alleluia" as loud as we can.
A lesson we should remember during Easter and spring is that we live in relationship with a God that can make what seems impossible, possible. No matter what darkness we are in, no matter what despair we might have, God can turn any depravity into abundance of life and blessings. We might not always appreciate what we are given, and sometimes we might get something different from what we wanted, but renewal and change are always possible.

What change is beginning to blossom in your life today? In times such as now, when economically, and in many senses, our world is in a state of depression, it is all the more important to look for the bits of new life popping up in our lives. Even in the worst of situations some small, tiny, mustard seed size of good is there. If we hold onto that, if we choose to celebrate with an alleluia that abundance in our life, then you never know what is possible. You never know what that good thing will blossom into. Remember you are fertile ground, let the love and promise of Christ grow in you this season. It might not lower your heating bill, or make you feel more comfortable in shorts, but it will change your life, and might just change the world.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian