The Pastor's Peace - March, 2011
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On Sunday, February 20th, something very special happened at our church. We, of course, had our church service as we do every Sunday. We read from scripture and listened to the good news of the Gospel. We praised God and contemplated how we can acknowledge God in our lives. We had fellowship, listened to beautiful music, and gathered as the Body of Christ. All of these things are valuable and worthy of weekly attention, if not daily attention. However, on that particular Sunday, we did something a little more - not only did we hear the good news, but we lived it out.

On that Sunday, several of us decided to have our heads shaved to raise money for Breast Cancer research. The Papajciks' granddaughter was raising money, doing a Goin' Bald For Buck$ campaign. Jeannette let the church know in case any of us wanted to support her granddaughter. Thanks to Ellen's idea to have several of us go Bald for Bucks as well, the church did more than simply support her. We raised almost $400 to send to her. This in itself was a great accomplishment, but it was more than just writing a check. We as a community decided to not just give, but to participate. We came together as a family to acknowledge the pain and difficulty so many go through with this disease.
Even though it was a symbolic act, the fact that several of us lost our hair and that everyone was there to support us, in a small way brought us together with all those who suffer this disease and their families and friends that helped them through the ordeal. Many in our congregation do not need any help in understanding what this experience is like, because they have lived it personally. To those of us who have not, such symbolic acts are a way we can show our support and honor them.

I say that this is a living out of the Gospel, because the ministry of Christ was based upon God joining with us and we with each other. Christ calls us to become one in all that we do. We do this every time we come to worship, every time we celebrate communion, and each time we as a Body of Christ come together to express the love and compassion that Christ gave to us. We as a group came to witness to the loss so many experience and the love and support so many give. I will never cease to be impressed and encouraged by the love of this congregation. May we continue to inspire and witness to each other the miracle of Christ in everything we do.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian