The Pastor's Peace - February, 2012
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Well, in case you have been living under a rock, I am here to tell you that 2012 is a presidential election year. I don’t know how one could really miss that, and by the beginning of November much money will be spent making sure you don’t. Oh, the fun of the primaries! With such debates and commercials offered around the clock, who really needs to watch other forms of entertainment? I mean football or baseball only last part of the year, but this lasts almost all year round, even longer if it goes into overtime time like it did in 2000. The hits passed back and forth by the candidates are as rough and gut-wrenching as any quarterback sack. Did you see Gingrich take a hit from both Romney and Paul one right after the other in the Florida debate? Tom Brady doesn’t have to deal with anything like that. I can’t wait to see what happens when Obama and the GOP candidate finally square off. It will make the Super Bowl look like peanuts, and will be full of false starts, pass interference, and much un-sportsman like conduct. Get the TIVO and the popcorn ready--it’s going to be a long year.

Perhaps you have noted a bit of sarcasm and humor in my pastor’s peace thus far. Of course the election process is important, perhaps serious even, but I have found that in cases like that, humor is sometimes the best remedy. Regardless of who gets the GOP nod, or who wins the presidency, people will be upset. Someone will lose, and with the recent division in this country, that will translate to somewhere around 49% of the population being very upset.
I am sure there will be name calling, people will be accused of being for or against America, and there will be angry exchanges and insults best kept from children’s ears. This is why it is not such a bad idea to laugh, because if you think too much about it, you might be forced to cry.

This is not too different from the time of Jesus, or anytime in history really. There have always been divided populaces, favored rulers and despised ones, depending on who you talk to.

All of this makes the revelation of Christ all the more important and amazing. Jesus worked not for a king, or a country, or any other earthly organization, but rather for a transcendent reality that we call God. Christ was so far beyond politics and squabbles. As Christians this is important to remember and contemplate. When people try to mix religion and politics, it is like trying to put the ocean in a bathtub. God cannot be shrunk down to fit any party or candidate. God transcends all. This fact can also give us hope. Remember this year that regardless if your candidate wins or loses, this is but one election, in one country, during one period of time. In comparison to the infinite nature of God, the vast depth of Christ’s love and salvation, it is ultimately not as serious for our lives as the commercials would have you believe. So this year grab some popcorn, watch the show, vote your opinion, and sit back knowing that no matter what, you are God’s beloved. This is a gift you share with all of humanity and with all of your brothers and sisters in Christ. One election will never change that, and never be more important.

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Brian