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Welcome to Beaver Church!
Sunday worship materials are available each week… click here
Videos of past services are also available – click here
Wednesday on–line fellowship… 7:00 PM via Zoom

Beaver UCC

We are a community of caring individuals brought together by a common bond – love!

Our congregation is composed of people from all walks of life who come together to offer healing and comfort, learning and encouragement - much like a family. We welcome all, and believe that extravagant hospitality is central to the role of our church.

At Beaver UCC, we strive to help our members grow spiritually, while at the same time understanding that everyone has their own spiritual path. Our church is a place where you can think for yourself while differing views are respected. It is our hope that through education, fellowship, and service we can, as a community, come closer to God and each other.

Since our founding over 200 years ago, Beaver Church continues seeking to offer an atmosphere of informality, spontaneity, fellowship, and fun. We hope our Church is a place where you and all will feel both welcome and comfortable.

About Our Church

Sunday School Program

Sunday School Materials – Click Here
Sunday School will resume after in person services resume.


Meets: Upstairs each Sunday after the children’s moment, year round.
Main Teacher: Hayden Rauls
Ages: Infant through Pre-K
This class is for our youngest students and there will be a combination of play and some instruction depending on the ages present.

Young Learners
Meets: Upstairs each Sunday after the children’s moment, September through May, with a one month break around Christmas.
Main Teacher: Sarah Hogan
Ages: K through 4th grade
This class is for our younger learners and will be focused on instruction and lessons. Material will be taught from a children’s story type Bible. Children less comfortable with working on lessons might wish to stay in the nursery, and those that are more advanced might wish to go to the older class.

Children’s Bible Study
Meets: Upstairs each Sunday after the children’s moment, September through May, with a one month break around Christmas.
Main Teacher: Brittany King
Ages: 4th through 8th grade
This class will be a Bible and faith study where children will read scripture lessons from the Bible each week and study them. Children will also learn about Christian faith themes present in the topics and readings for the week. Readings should somewhat overlap with the readings given in the service. As children reach the point where the curriculum or discussions seem less challenging, then they are encouraged to stay in service, attend the Adult Bible Study, and seek confirmation with the Pastor when ready. During breaks, children will be asked to stay in service.

Adult Bible Study
Meets: In the fellowship hall each Sunday at 9:30 AM, September through May.
Main Teacher: Pastor Brian
Ages: Youth and Adults
This class will be a Bible and faith study each week led by Pastor Brian. Jr. High and Sr. High youth and Adults are encouraged to attend.

Services Provided by Beaver UCC

Prayer List and Card Ministry
Do you know someone who would appreciate our prayers, receiving a card from us, or having Pastor Brian visit with them? Please let us know. The Prayer List and Card Ministry will never be published on our website, although it will be included in our monthly newsletter.

Beaver UCC offers wedding services including space rental, pre-marital counseling, and officiating for both members and non-members. Please contact the pastor for more information.

Our church offers support in any way we can to assist those who are grieving the passing of a loved one. Funerals are generally held in the sanctuary and a meal is provided by the church afterwards.

Confirmation Classes
Confirmation classes are held each year for teenagers who wish to join the church and know more about their faith. Classes generally start in September and culminate with confirmation in May.

The church offers pastoral counseling for members and non-members. Please see the Pastor’s Page for information on office hours.

Beaver Church is wheelchair accessible with elevators. Sound reinforcement devices are available for the hard of hearing as are signers for the deaf. Please let us know if you have any special needs.

Beaver UCC Choir

Beaver Church Sings!
Music is an important component of worship at Beaver Church, one that lifts our spirits and helps us rejoice in God and with each other. Everyone is invited to participate in Beaver UCC’s choir - all you need is an appreciation of music and a desire to learn. We also encourage any and all musicians who wish to share their talents with us during worship. If you would like to join the Beaver Church Choir or provide accompanying instrumental support during a service, please contact our choir director or Pastor Brian.

Adult Choir
Beaver UCC’s Adult Choir provides music for each worship service from September through May, plus a special service on Christmas Eve. Practices are held following Sunday Worship in the church sanctuary.

Community Service and Support

Service is just as important to Beaver Church as fellowship.

Weekly contributions of food and clothing are taken to local food pantries and service organizations for those in need. Volunteers plan special activities for residents of nursing homes, while the congregation as a whole makes Christmas brighter for folks by sponsoring food and gift drives each holiday season.

Members of our congregation also support a variety of other charitable causes with time, money, and in-kind donations, including
Heifer International, the Dayton Food Bank, the Salvation Army, and the Connor Puckett Fund.

The United Church of Christ

The religious heritage of the
United Church of Christ (UCC) stems from the great traditions of the Protestant Reformation - Lutheran, Calvinist, and Congregational. These traditions were brought to America by Protestants fleeing persecution in Europe.

Four religious traditions, including the German Reformed, of which Beaver UCC was part, united in 1957 to become the United Church of Christ. Today, any local church or denomination is welcome to apply for membership in the UCC.

Beaver Church's services feature a combination of formal and informal worship. Our service includes communion on the first Sunday of the month, and all are welcome to participate.


Beaver Church resumed in–person worship on Sunday, May 2, 2021. The 10:30 AM service will continue to be offered on Facebook Live and, for those who might wish to participate outdoors, be broadcast on 96.1 FM in our front parking lot. The 9:00 AM drive–in service will no longer be offered.

The weekly bulletin (downloadable) and links to each Sunday's scripture, for your reference and study,
are available here as well as a link to the Sunday 10:30 AM video service for later viewing. Our on-line Calendar page also lists the current status of activities and events at our church.

Activities, Events, and News

Inperson worship resumed May 2, 2021, at 10:30 AM. Other church activities and events will resume in–person as permitted by health department regulations. Check our on–line Calendar for the latest information.

Church News and Announcements are listed here as well as in our
Beaver Church Newsletter available here each month.

Watch Past Worship Services
Videos of each week's service are available – click here. Sermons from past years are available on The Pastor's Page™.

Front Steps Work Day - Saturday, June 12 - 9:00 AM
The next phase of repairing the front steps will involve laying down thick plastic sheeting and attaching it to the existing stone. The main tools we are asking for people to bring are drills, cordless and hammer drills if you have them. In addition, you can bring gloves and caulk guns if you have them. In the case of rain, we will reschedule for another Saturday.

Father's Day - June 20
Fathers, past and present, will be honored on Father’s Day, June 20th. Make sure to join us for an extra nice spread during our coffee and doughnuts in the gazebo after church.

Plaque Dedication Honoring Gifts Given In Honor Or Memory
Last year the church was facing a monumental task of having to pay for a needed repair to the sanctuary that was going to cost over $250,000. Fortunately, we were able to make an insurance claim to pay for a portion of the project, and we have been given many generous donations by church members and others totaling over $101,000. We are now at the point where we have raised all needed funds for the project. Any future gifts given for the project will be used to replenish the church’s maintenance fund, which was depleted to help pay for the project. Many of the donations we received were given in honor or memory of another person or couple. The consistory has decided to make a special dedication in the form of a plaque with the names listed of those honored and memorialized. If you would like to add a person or a couple to this list for your donation, please contact either Pastor Brian or Melissa Baumbarger with this information. Any donation of any amount or even donations of work qualify you to have someone added to this list. If you haven’t yet made a donation, but plan to and want to have a person listed, you can still do so, but we ask that all names be submitted by June 30th.

Sharon Parkison
Anna Mary & John J. Sullivan
Robert Jackson
Arlene & Richard Velliquette
James L. Marts
Bob Papajcik
Martha Stevens
John H. Powell
Dan & Norma Rauch
Charles & Marian Collins
Gene & Dora Saddler
Charles L. Eastman
Jenny Barnett
Louise Coblentz
Tom & Margaret Ferguson
Jonathan Harshman
Nan & Wendy Marshall
Lefty & Chris McFadden
Roy Owens
Marcus & Ruby Stewart
Neil Ferguson
Chad Ferguson
Kristel Behrend
Dale & Edna Mae Dietz
Raymond & Cathryn Tobias
Bruce Dolbeer
Bernie Brown
John M. Powell
Linda J. Powell
Lynn L. Powell Cattell
Mark V. Davidson
Marsha Friou
Tom Ferguson
Bob & Faith Deal
Brian C. Eastman
Walter J. Smith
Marc D. Smith
Joe & Regina Rauch
Bob & Anne Detrick
Bob & Jesse White
Lewis W. & Mary B. Montgomery

Visits From Pastor Brian
Due to an increase in the infection rates of COVID-19 for our area, and an abundance of caution, Pastor Brian will not be doing regular visits to people in their homes. This is a continuation of his current policy on visits. Pastor Brian, will however, do visits in emergency cases such as hospital visits. If that is required please contact Pastor Brian to let him know.

Joys And Concerns
We will be continuing our joys and concerns during our online service at 10:30 AM and our 9:00 AM drive-in service. To be included each week, please email your joys and concerns to Pastor Brian before each Sunday. There is also the ability to make comments during the service and we will use that as well for joys and concerns.

Offering Envelopes
The new offering envelopes are here for 2021. If you would like to get your envelopes, they will be available at the drive-in services, or you can also contact me, Pastor Brian, at 937-469-1383 to arrange a time to pick them up from the church. Also, if that doesn't work, I can mail them to you, just call me and let me know and I will verify that I have the right address for you.

Giving To Beaver Church During The Pandemic
All of us have been impacted in so many ways by the Coronavirus pandemic. Many have been struggling financially, and for those of you who have, please contact Pastor Brian and we can assist you from our benevolence fund. For those that are able to continue to give your offerings to the church and wish to, you can either send checks to the church at “1960 Dayton-Xenia Rd. Beavercreek, OH 45434”, or if you wish, you can go to our website and use the yellow donate button in the upper right hand corner of the webpage to donate online via credit or debit card. We also have a box for your offerings available at the 9:00am drive-in service. If you wish to give in person and cannot make it to the 9:00am drive-in service, please contact Pastor Brian to arrange a time to meet. We are very grateful for continued offerings during this period, as we are still paying staff and taking care of other bills and obligations.